Fixing Web-version Stuck
Some users can experience issues with launching the browser version of ICMIZER. We are aware of the problem, and we will resolve this issue as soon as possible. If you faced the issue, please try following the described solutions from this article.
ICMIZER 3.17.0 – New Tutorials, New Tooltips, and Interface Changes and Improvements
In the ICMIZER 3.17.0 update, we've added three new tutorials, added many new tooltips, made some interface changes and improvements, and fixed some minor bugs.
New GGPoker Tournaments Spin & Gold 6-max in ICMIZER and SNG Coach
Spin & Gold 6-max tournaments have at least two different payouts, a fast paced nature, and a lot of push/fold preflop action. That's why ICMIZER, with its ICM and FGS models, is the right tool to craft a winning strategy for winning in the new tournaments.
ICMIZER 3.15.0 – New Proportional Models for KO and PKO Tournaments in ICMIZER and SNG Coach
In ICMIZER 3.15.0 update, we've added the ability to choose the preferred calculation model for KO and PKO tournaments: Proportional or Flat for KO and TrueBounty or Proportional for PKO.
How ICMIZER Makes Calculations
How does ICMIZER make calculations? In this article, we describe in detail the features of the ICMIZER calculation engine and what parameters of the poker hand it takes into account when finding preflop solutions.
ICMIZER 3.13.0 – Practice Pre-Final Table, Bubble or Middle MTT Strategy in SNG Coach
In ICMIZER 3.13.0 update, we've added new MTT stages in SNG Coach quizzes. Now, you can practice push/fold not only at the final table but also at the pre-final table, bubble stage, or middle stage of a multi-table tournament.
Top 6 Pitfalls to Avoid when Analyzing Tournaments in ICMIZER
There are good ways to use ICMIZER and there are bad ones. By avoiding the typical mistakes, you can not only save time but also ensure you’re making the best decisions in the tournaments you play.
The New ICMIZER 3.1 Calculation Engine Update
We've updated the ICMIZER calculation engine. These changes affect many things, namely the accuracy of calculations, the weighting of hands, exploitability of solutions
ICMIZER 3.10.0 Update – Hand Weight Bucket Tool, Editing Custom Tournaments
The ICMIZER 3.10.0 update brings two highly anticipated features – Hand Weight Bucket Tool and the ability to edit custom user tournaments
Card removal effect & How ICMIZER 3 handles it
Сard removal effect – it is how other players’ hole cards modify the odds of getting a certain hand, compared to the odds of getting that hand from the full 52-card deck.
ICMIZER 3.9.0 – New Hand History, Analysis Result and Bubble Factor Tooltips
In ICMIZER 3.9.0 update, we added a lot of new tooltips in order to improve your experience while working with ICMIZER so you can better understand some of its results.
ICMIZER 3.8.0—Practicing Grand Tour and other Progressive Knockout Tournaments Poker Strategy in SNG Coach
You can now practice Progressive Knockout Tournament strategy in SNG Coach including the new Grand Tour format from PokerStars
ICMIZER 3.7.0—The Multi-hand Tool and Improved Auto-Analysis
ICMIZER 3.7.0 brings new Multi-hand analysis tool to review multiple hands in one ICMIZER instance and the improved Auto-Analyze Hands window.
Grand Tour on PokerStars—Poker Strategy, Rules & Rake
Behind tricky definitions and obscure phrases like "sprint" or "finish line" hides a 4-way fast-paced PKO (Progressive Knockout) tournament with large blinds and the majority of hands played at the push/fold stage and no classic prize pool.
ICMIZER 7-day Free Trial
Choose the desired subscription and get a fully functional ICMIZER 3 Suite Basic or PRO subscription for 7 days which will allow you to test drive our professional software and make an educated decision about how useful ICMIZER Suite is for your preflop poker skills.
Perfect Poker Strategy with ICMIZER - Editing Ranges - Advanced Guide
Nash equilibrium push fold tournament strategy is great but it can be made even better by applying reads about your opponents and exploiting their mistakes. Learn how to do it in this advanced guide.
Counterintuitive Math and Strategy in Progressive Knockout Tournaments
Progressive Knockout (PKO) poker tournaments or Bounty Builder tournaments require a lot of skill. Learn the optimal strategy in these tricky tournaments.
How to learn tournament Poker Strategy with ICMIZER 3
Learn the quickest way to find optimal plays in difficult poker situations in any SNG or MTT tournaments: Regular, KO or Progressive KO with ICMIZER 3
ICMIZER 3 is here! And we're celebrating with a Special Launch Offer.
ICMIZER 3 is finally here and ready to help you get to the next poker level! Order before 30 September, 2019 to take advantage of our Special Launch Promo Offer.
What is the Bubble Factor in Poker and Why Should I Use It
Understanding and estimating Bubble Factors will help you to play a smarter poker strategy in difficult high-pressure ICM situations.
MTT ICM Calculator—How to Review MTT Bubble Hands
Learn how to perform ICM calculations in multi-table tournaments when two or more tables are remaining or even at the MTT bubble with ICMIZER.
Mobile SNG Coach for iOS is here to help you anywhere!
We are pleased to announce that Mobile SNG Coach for iOS is globally available after an extensive beta testing period! ICMIZER SNG Coach is a one-of-a-kind app that lets you apply the most advanced modern ICM models in your day-to-day poker training anywhere: from your daily commute, to live poker tournaments and beyond.
Mobile SNG Coach is here to help you anywhere!
We are pleased to announce that Mobile SNG Coach for Android is globally available after an extensive beta testing period! ICMIZER SNG Coach is a one-of-a-kind app that lets you apply the most advanced modern ICM models in your day-to-day poker training anywhere: from your daily commute, to live poker tournaments and beyond.
Important change for ICMIZER subscribers: VAT is no longer included
As of January 1, 2018, our subscription prices will be exclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax).
Calculating equilibrium ranges for raise situations (Update ICMIZER v2.9)
You’ve asked us to make it work and we have. In ICMIZER 2.9, you can finally calculate Nash equilibrium ranges for raises of any size!
ICMIZER 2.5 update: FGS (Future Game Simulations) of depth 2, and support for FGS in knockout tournaments
Overview of ICMIZER 2.5 update. In this update we’ve completely reworked the FGS algorithms in ICMIZER, which led to substantial increases in both its performance and accuracy.
Introducing IKCM: ICM for Poker Knockout Tournaments
Classical ICM still works in knockout tournaments, but it’s complicated by having to factor knockouts into equity simulations. This makes it virtually impossible to intuitively find the optimal strategy as you compete for knockout cash prizes.
Poker ICM 101: What is ICM poker? ICM poker term explained
The ICM poker term stands for the Independent Chip Model. In poker ICM allows to convert tournament players stacks in chips into their money equity (as percentage of total or remaining prize pool).
How to upgrade to ICMIZER 2, if you are already subscribed ICMIZER 1?
We value every ICMIZER 1 subscriber and we’ve done our best not only to provide you with free upgrades to ICMIZER 2 but also gain access to our brand new tools and save at the same time.
The ICMIZER 2 Launch promotion is extended by 7 days
The promotional offer is extended through September 27 inclusive.
Official Release of ICMIZER 2 and Special Offers
From September 10 through September 27, you can take advantage of the ICMIZER 2 Release Promotion: buy a yearly subscription to ICMIZER 2 PRO at 25% OFF or try ICMIZER 2 for free if you’re registered on our website.
Open beta testing of ICMIZER 2 begins
Today, August 20, the long-awaited open beta testing of ICMIZER 2 begins! All current subscribers are invited to request access to ICMIZER 2 Beta
ICMIZER Testimonials Contest: Intermediate Results
Why do tournament players choose ICMIZER? Meet 13 poker players sharing their success stories and talking about what they have achieved with ICMIZER.
ICMIZER 2: The Software for Winning Big in Online Poker
ICMIZER 2 — 3 products packed into one: ICMIZER, the preflop ICM calculator, brand new SNG Coach to raise your preflop game, and Replayer to replay poker hands at any time.
Announcing ICMIZER 2 Beta Testing + Review Contest
Announcing ICMIZER 2 Beta Testing. Participate in ICMIZER Review Contest and win one of 26 ICMIZER 2 subscriptions.
Get Silverlight to work in Chrome in under a minute
Learn how to get Silverlight to work in Chrome. Resolving NPAPI and permissions problems.
ICMIZER 2: Important Announcements
ICMIZER 2 news and sign up for a free video series course 'The Art of Push/Fold'
Bovada hand history converter is now built-in in ICMIZER.
ICMIZER now supports Bovada (ex Bodog) hand histories while PokerTracker and HoldemManager officially don't. You can easily import your Bovada hand history files to ICMIZER for review. No additional intermediate software is required.
A new approach to learning push/fold in ICMIZER 2
For regs, semi-regs and "lazy asses." A little request as well. ICMIZER 2 will offer you a completely new way of learning. It makes the player's development automatic and will answer your main questions: "what do I need to work on?" and "how can I do that?"
Learn a winning Spin & Go PokerStars tournament strategy in ICMIZER
Spin & Go tournament hands can be easily reviewed in ICMIZER. Luck will play a much bigger role in Spin & Go's than SNG players are used to.
Analyzing Fifty50 poker tournaments with ICM Calculator
Learn about ICM analysis of Fifty50 tournaments with ICMIZER.
Bonus Free 1 Week ICMIZER Subscription key Promotion
Learn more about free 1 week bonus ICMIZER subscription key promotion.
FGS (Future Game Simulations) Calculations Explained
In this article you will learn how FGS (Future Game Simulation) model based calculations work compared to the traditional ICM poker tournament model.
Huge FGS (Future Game Simulations) update has arrived
Wow. It has finally happened. FGS update was highly anticipated and it is now live and available for all ICMIZER subscribers.
IMPORTANT: ICMIZER website moves to new domain: www.icmpoker.com
We expect to complete all the maintenance tasks today, on 11th December.
Analysis of difficult push fold SNG tournament spots
Reader level: Expert

Deep dive in the world of ICM calculations and Nash equilibrium solutions in difficult push fold SNG tournament spots.
ICMIZER adds Winamax hand history format support
Adding Winamax support was on TO DO list for a while. Now it is finally done.
ICMIZER vs Sng Wizard - 2013 comparison
In this article MikeyMcD45 compares ICMIZER and Sng Wizard and highlights some key differences between the two poker calculators.
The Nash Calculator and the Nash Equilibrium strategy in poker
In this article pro poker player MikeyMcD45 defines "Nash Equilibrium" – a complex and often misunderstood topic in poker, and explains the benefits of the advanced Nash Equilibrium calculator function in ICMIZER whilst highlighting some of the limitations of Nash Equilibrium and important things to keep in mind.
Playing the short stack on the bubble
Professional poker player MikeyMcD45 returns with his/her next article this time focusing on short stacked all-in call ranges on the bubble. Through illustrations generated by ICMIZER, Mikey presents some rather interesting findings which will show you how to maximise your $EV in these tough spots and eliminate common mistakes that regs are making on a consistent basis.
Website design update: ICMIZER celebrates its 2nd birthday
15 September 2013 is the 2nd birthday of ICMIZER. ICMIZER celebrates it with a major website update: new video section, better typography and other changes.
How much equity do you need to call all-in?
“How much equity do I need to make the call?” It is a common question asked in various tournament spots. Correct formulas, which answer this question and discussion of mistake in popular but simplified approach to this poker problem in this article.
Nash equilibrium calculations for heads up resteal spots
Find optimal plays in SB vs BB steal spots
Super short stacked pushing strategy on the bubble
Professional poker player MikeyMcD45 explains with the aid of ICMIZER why you should sometimes choose non all-in raises as the short stack on the bubble instead of the default push option.
Overview of 1.2 update squeeze and other preflop calculations
Overview of 1.2 update squeeze and other preflop calculations
ICMIZER 1 year birthday and vs SNG Wizard comparison
ICMIZER poker calculator celebrates 1 year birthday
Czech poker professionals choose ICMIZER
Professional coaches from the top coaching site in the Czech and Slovak Republic PokerArena.cz are using ICMIZER for the analysis of their poker game.
Which hands to push against SB limp from BB heads up
This was a very popular question from heads up players who were surprised that it was impossible to do this kind of calculation in ICMIZER. In this article I explain how to find out shoving range against single limper from big blind position.
888 Pacific Poker network hand format parsing added
888PacificPoker poker network hands are now recognized by ICMIZER. This includes such poker rooms as 888 poker, Pacific poker, LuckyAcePoker, Lotos Poker and some other.
PokerStars payouts in 180 players and 90 player MTT SNG change
In February 2013 PokerStars have updated payout structures for popular 180 players and 90 players MTT sit and go tournaments.
Nash ICM calculator release
Nash ICM calculator functionality was main theme of latest update.
How to 4bet guide: Calculate 4bet all-in range vs 3bet raise
4bet and 3bet are powerful, expensive and difficult tools in poker player arsenal. This article goes into detail about analyzing 4bet scenarios with ICMIZER.
ICMIZER video review and comparison by ILS007
A very interesting and thoughtful ICMIZER video review by world class poker player and SNE ILS007.
MTT ICM calculator
ICM calculations for MTT before final table are now possible in ICMIZER. Learn how to perform ICM calculations in multi table tournaments with our ICM calculator.
Holdem Manager twoplustwo format is now supported
Holdem Manager converted 2+2 format is now supported in ICMIZER. This format is often used on forums, so you can now just copy a hand from forum thread and load it directly in ICMIZER.
Multiple poker hands analysis browser overview
You can now load up multiple hands into ICMIZER at once. Short review of this useful new feature inside.
ICMIZER partners with HUSNG
Professional poker players and coaches from HUSNG.com choose ICMIZER software as their daily study tool.
Custom hand rankings and other changes of May
In may we have added support for custom hand rankings, fixed a lot of parsing problems and made results display more obvious visually.
ICMIZER is officially released
Free public beta started pretty long ago, 15 September 2011. Over the course of last 8 months a lot of work has been done. ICMIZER now can analyze almost all kinds of tournament poker situations
ICMIZER vs SngWiz calculation comparison
Overcall or three way all-in calculation feature has been finally added to ICMIZER. In this article we compare results for various realistic poker tournament spots produced by ICMIZER and SngWiz.
Ben Roberts ICM model
In this article Ben Roberts gives an introduction and reasoning behind his/her new ICM model. He compares new algorithm with classic Malmuth-Harville ICM algorithm.
New ICM model in ICM calculator
ICM (independant chip model) goal is to correctly convert poker tournament chips into dollars. Our ICM calculator now supports a new ICM model.
Analyzing 3bet resteals in heads up sit and go
Many players are interested in learning mathematically correct resteals in HU SNGs. This can be especially important in hyper turbo SNG. In this article I will show you how you can analyze preflop resteal spots heads up with my program ICMIZER.
Review of latest interface changes in ICMIZER
ICM calculator now correctly calculates ICM EV for hero fold decision by taking into account possible course of actions from players who can act after hero
Merge Network hand format is now also supported
ICMIZER is now able to parse Merge Network hands XML format
ICM poker and ultimate difference between call and push spots
What is the big ICM difference between call and push spots? Some often overlooked things to consider when you make a decision in poker.
What is ICM
What is ICM??! This question is very popular and is asked by most novice poker tournament players. In this article I will try to shed some light on this topic.
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