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Your personal Push/Fold coach that's always ready to pump up your Push/Fold skills, quickly and effectively, 24/7

Isolate and train specific Push/Fold skill zones

SNG Coach trains your skills in different Push/Fold contexts, based on:

  • How many players are left at the table
  • The relative stack size: small, average or large
  • The situation: open push or calling an all-in

Realistic game setting

Answer quizzes and get instant feedback from the Coach to help develop your preflop game.

The right question difficulty for you

The Coach adapts the question difficulty to your current skill level for each type of situation, letting you fully focus on learning

Your favorite tournaments

"The training is tailored to the type of tournament you select. Tournaments are grouped by rooms for ease of access.

The tournament types you use the most are saved as Favorites to save you even more time."

Your achivements grid

View a detailed assessment of your skills to decide what areas to focus on next

Pre-test your skills

SNG Coach quickly tests your skills to adapt initial question difficulty to your level for the selected tournament type

Your current level

This is the result of your pre-test which helps tailor initial quiz difficulty to your level

Progress meters

See performance indicators reflecting your progress as a Rating, Ranking and Place, for each training area

Rating, Ranking and Place

Rating: ranges from 0 to 100; goes up every time you answer correctly and goes down every time you answer wrong.

Ranking: ranges from 100% to 1%; shows how your skills stack up to those of other users of SNG Coach. A ranking of 1% means that you're among the top 1%, i.e. more skilled than the other 99%.

Place: the Top 20 players get to see their overall place in the global leaderboard.

ICM and FGS models

By default, the Coach gives you questions based on the FGS (Future Game Simulations model). You can also select to switch to ICM (Independent Chip Model).

Question from SNG Coach

Figure out the hands dealt by the Coach and choose the optimal play—either Push or Fold—for each of the 4 starting hands.

Your answer analyzed

Reveal how each of the 4 hands should have been played for optimal results, and view the hero's entire push range.

View opponent's push range

In the question-answer mode, see your opponent's push range for calling an all-in.

ICMIZE button

Forward the hand from the Coach's question to analyze it with ICMIZER.