Download and install ICMIZER 2

Please follow these steps to get ICMIZER running on your computer out of browser as a standalone application.

Step 1: Install Silverlight plugin

Install Microsoft® Silverlight™ plugin. Install Silverlight™. Installation process usually takes less than a minute. Silverlight™ is available for both Windows and Mac OS. So is ICMIZER.

Step 2: Download ICMIZER 2

Download using dedicated ICMIZER 2 .exe downloader

Download ICMIZER 2 installer and execute the file. After 10-30 seconds it will download, install and launch ICMIZER 2 on your computer.

Download ICMIZER 2 installer

Your browser or anti-virus software may not like this file. But all it does is download ICMIZER 2 and install it. If you have doubts regarding the downloader use the next download option.

Download ICMIZER 2 from browser

  • Launch ICMIZER 2 normally from Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari(Mac) browser here: ICMIZER 2.

  • Click Download button or right click on ICMIZER and choose "Install ICMIZER onto this computer".

  • Check "Create desktop icon" checkbox.

  • Click install button. ICMIZER will launch out of browser.

Important: ICMIZER 2 downloadable still requires an active internet connection. All calculations are performed on the servers.