Replay hands in a user-friendly interface, and instantly send them to the ICMIZER preflop calculator

Shared list of hands

The Replayer shares the same list of hands with ICMIZER

Hands grouped by blind levels

Hands are grouped by blind levels with the largest pots won and lost (the larger the pot, the higher the color intensity).

Situation type markers

Select hands for a certain type of hero's decision and have them analyzed in ICMIZER using Nash equilibrium ranges (P stands for Push first, C—call an all-in, O—overcall two all-ins).

Go to hero action

Save time with this button—skip any folds that happen before your hero acts.

Pot odds

Know the exact pot odds on every street.

Winning odds

Monitor how the odds of winning change on every street.

ICMIZE button

Click to forward the hand to ICMIZER and analyze it in depth.