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Card removal effect & How ICMIZER 3 handles it
Сard removal effect – it is how other players’ hole cards modify the odds of getting a certain hand, compared to the odds of getting that hand from the full 52-card deck.
ICMIZER 3.9.0 – New Hand History, Analysis Result and Bubble Factor Tooltips
In ICMIZER 3.9.0 update, we added a lot of new tooltips in order to improve your experience while working with ICMIZER so you can better understand some of its results.
ICMIZER 3.8.0—Practicing Grand Tour and other Progressive Knockout Tournaments Poker Strategy in SNG Coach
You can now practice Progressive Knockout Tournament strategy in SNG Coach including the new Grand Tour format from PokerStars
ICMIZER 3.7.0—The Multi-hand Tool and Improved Auto-Analysis
ICMIZER 3.7.0 brings new Multi-hand analysis tool to review multiple hands in one ICMIZER instance and the improved Auto-Analyze Hands window.
Grand Tour on PokerStars—Poker Strategy, Rules & Rake
Behind tricky definitions and obscure phrases like "sprint" or "finish line" hides a 4-way fast-paced PKO (Progressive Knockout) tournament with large blinds and the majority of hands played at the push/fold stage and no classic prize pool.
ICMIZER 7-day Free Trial
Choose the desired subscription and get a fully functional ICMIZER 3 Suite Basic or PRO subscription for 7 days which will allow you to test drive our professional software and make an educated decision about how useful ICMIZER Suite is for your preflop poker skills.
Perfect Poker Strategy with ICMIZER - Editing Ranges - Advanced Guide
Nash equilibrium push fold tournament strategy is great but it can be made even better by applying reads about your opponents and exploiting their mistakes. Learn how to do it in this advanced guide.
Counterintuitive Math and Strategy in Progressive Knockout Tournaments
Progressive Knockout (PKO) poker tournaments or Bounty Builder tournaments require a lot of skill. Learn the optimal strategy in these tricky tournaments.
How to learn tournament Poker Strategy with ICMIZER 3
Learn the quickest way to find optimal plays in difficult poker situations in any SNG or MTT tournaments: Regular, KO or Progressive KO with ICMIZER 3
ICMIZER 3 is here! And we're celebrating with a Special Launch Offer.
ICMIZER 3 is finally here and ready to help you get to the next poker level! Order before 30 September, 2019 to take advantage of our Special Launch Promo Offer.