Powerful preflop calculator for analyzing any situations in SNG and MTT tournaments

Poker table

Visualize and figure out any hand in the familiar setting of a poker table

Manage MTT

Easily perform ICM calculations even before the final table in MTT

ICM evaluation results

Perform the most accurate ICM calculations taking into account all possible blocker cards, as well as the FGS model to factor in blind dynamics.

Reveal the optimal play for each of the 169 possible starting hands.

Evaluation breakdown

Break down all steps of the evaluation to double-check that the results are accurate

Nash equilibrium

Calculate Nash equilibrium ranges to help you choose an optimal preflop strategy

Player action editor

Edit hand ranges by including or excluding any starting hand combinations


Identify the exact correlation between your Push/Fold decision and your opponent's range. Generate charts to evaluate how profitable the full set of decisions is for the situation you’re analyzing.

Create new tournament types

Quickly and easily set up tournaments with 20-200 paid places (a huge benefit for MTT players especially)

Preset tournament types

Save time with manual setup as the most popular SNG tournament types are already preset for you.

Loaded hands

Use the listed loaded hands with ease.

Replay button

Send any hand from ICMIZER to Replayer

Load hands from popular poker rooms

Load poker hands and whole tournaments from many poker rooms including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, 888 Pacific, Microgaming, Bovada, Winning Poker Network, iPoker, PartyPoker, Merge, and Winamax.